Cleo's favorite strolls

  Here are some of my favorite walks, hikes in the area.  I have to wait for Jess and Bruce to drive me to these and sometimes they are just too busy.  I have a license but for some reason they won't let me drive.

Some hikes list distances in Doggy Miles* (DM) and regular biped miles (SM).

  Diana's Baths, North Conway - The baths are about 3 miles from the Cabernet Inn.  This is a great .5(sm) very easy warm up walk with some nice cool down pools and water falls at the end.  A nice little get away on a warm sunny day.  It can get a little crowded during the summer months, so I like to go in the early spring and late fall.  I get to run up and down the trails and get all the smells.  Map from the Cabernet Inn.
  Black Cap - This is short hike to the top of a mountain.  From the Inn take a left out of the parking lot go over the rail road tracks and turn right onto Hurricane Mountain Road.  The parking lot is on the right when you get to the top of the hill.  The trail starts at the back of the parking lot.  On your way up you will find a connector path that goes over to Cranmore Mountain.  Not many folks head over to Cranmore in the summer time so Bruce and Jess take a lunch and head over for a quiet picnic.  From the top of Black Cap you have a 360 view of the area.  This is another popular hiking trail so it can get crowded.

P.S. Don't go off trail following moose scents or your people might get lost for the whole day.  I was exhausted.

View from the top of Black Cap.
  Thorne Pond Conservation Area, Bartlett - This is another easy short walk around Thorne Pond.  I love this place because I get a great walk and once we get about 1/2 around there a little beach so I get to go swimming.  You can see all kinds of wildlife on the pond, there are beavers, ducks, blue heron and loons that is what we have seen so far.  Also along the walk you will find trails that will take you to the river with some great views.  Bring some folding chairs and sit by the river and relax, just don't forget the dog cookies.

Thorne Pond is about 8 sm from the Inn.  The parking lot is on route 302 directly across from the Attitash Bear Peak entrance.  Thorne Pond is part of the Attitash Mountain Biking trail system.

  Kearsarge North - Now were barking.  This is a real hike no short walk here, 3.1 miles to the top.  It takes about about 3 hours to get to the top so you might want to plan on a all day trip.  This is another mountain hike with 360 view from the top.  The views and smells are well worth the trip.

 From the Inn take a left out of the parking lot go over the rail road tracks and turn right onto Hurricane Mountain Road.  The parking area is on the left just past Mt Surprise Road.  The trail starts off easy but gets steep near the end.

Topographical Map


  *Doggy Miles (DM) is based on me not being on a leash.  There are so so many smells to take in.  I run up ahead of my people then run all the way back just to make sure they didn't get lost.  After all they are carrying the treats and the water.  I keep doing this until we reach our destination.  So I cover about 6 times the distance as my biped counter parts.